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Typography – Word Spacing

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Letter spacing and word spacing can drastically affect readability, the number of characters per line and the colour off the setting. What is the desirable amount of space between words? Type that runs together and type that is too far apart are both unsatisfactory. In general too much or too little spacing is conspicuous, it diverts attention from the text to the way words are placed.

Words placed too closely together force the reader to work harder to distinguish one word from another. Words placed too far apart result in large space that looks like ripples running through the page. These ripples are especially apparent in newspapers, where narrow columns make even word spacing difficult. Proper word spacing creates greater legibility but much depends on the particular typeface, space allicated and finally, personal preference.

Some factors that must be considered when selecting a typeface for text setting; Aesthetics, Appropriateness, and Legibility. Examine these factors and after choosing a typeface that is both appropriate and legible, your next consideration will be;

Does it require word spacing (Kerning)?
Letter spacing?
How long should the lines be?
Will they require line spacing (Leading)?
How should the lines of type be arranged on the page or within the selected space?

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