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Family of Type

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The combination of all styles and sizes in a given typeface. The two most common typestyles are roman and italic. Italic letterforms usually slant to the right. Some typefaces slant to the left or can be specified to do so. The normal angle for an italic is 17.5 degree, but it may now be specific to the left or right in half-degree increments.

Typefaces also vary in weight and width. Typestyles from within the one family, e.g. Univers, will have a family resemblance, their x and cap heights and length or ascenders and defenders being consistent. This will unify the design.


A complete alphabet in one size of a typeface. The number of characters in a font varies, depending on the number of special characters and punctuation marks. Note: You often hear the word ‘font’ (fount) used to refer to the complete family typeface, encompassing all weight and sizes; e.g. Times, Univers etc. This is not correct but the term is now in common usage and accepted as the ‘true’ meaning of the word.

Useful and inexpensive type management software is Adobe Type Reunion. It groups your fonts into families,m akin it easier when handling type.

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