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Basic Design

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Basic design is the key to successful creative visual communication. A knowledge of design basics, allows graphic designer to create order out of chaos and develops their creative design work the invisible touch. That is the piece of creative design shows the essence of an intended communication instantly, it is easily understood by the audience as an instinctive thought. The underlying pattern or structure, purpose and intent and even as far as the quality of the design all seem understated or secondary to the true message that is pitched at the viewer.

Today more than any time in our history we are being subjected to visual bombardment. We find ourselves awash with consumer information some solicited but most of it a saturation overload and irrelevant to our lives. Some of us have become desensitised to the world of rapid visual stimulation and mass marketing. It is the responsibility of graphic designer to be honest and tome conscious in their work. Creative design that is carefully planned and facilitated plays upon peoples emotional responses. Many associate to brainwashing and therefore its the responsibility of the designers to believe what they are doing is vital to good design and correct motive. Designers can make or break companies and businesses, and also be of great benefit to target audiences or aid the manipulation of people and various levels of culture.

Basic design is a set of rules or basic guide lines used religiously by advertising agencies, publishers, internet providers, manufacturers, corporations, television and news networks all around the world. Styles, trends, technology and fashions may change but basic design principles have remained the same. Where ever a visual communication is required whether to sell, inform or entertain basic design principles are applied in some way and together with images and text, give us graphic design that works. Excellent basic creative design practice is invisible to the viewer observing a particular communication – transmitting though is the pivotal role of a successful piece of graphic design.

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