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Big Chief Creative – Design Elements

Design Elements separate, link and identify information. The design elements are point, line, shape, form, plane, texture and colour and should be used in conjunction with each other. In aiming  towards clear and effective visual communication, their effective use may demonstrate the users understanding of the design principles.
The following definitions are intended to aid a general understanding of the design elements and it should be understood that these examples may be interpreted and used alternatively.

Design Elements

  • Point¬†– Point is a mark which may indicate position and location. When used in conjunction with other elements, it can be position at which two or more lines cross or converge.
  • Line – Essentially line represents a single dimension – length. In conjunction with other elements it can be used to represent shape, tone, form and texture.
  • Shape – Shape is the space contained within the lines. Shapes can be organic or geometric and can be used on conjunction with other elements.
  • Form – Form may be created by joining two or more shapes with the intention of creating a three-dimensional effect on a two-dimensional surface.
  • Plane – Plane is a single flat surface of a three-dimensional form usually contained within line. Plane may be further emphasised with the use of tone, texture and colour.
  • Tone – Tone may be used to describe a shape or plane in terms of its shadows and highlights. It is used to specify, distinguish and highlight shapes and to create the effect of form.
  • Texture – Texture may be achieved by the combination of elements such as point and line. It may be applied in a realistic or abstract style.
  • Colour – Colour should be considered in combination with other elements. Colour is one of the most difficult elements to use: if used properly it can add flair, interest and excitement.

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