Basic Design

Basic Design is the key ingredient to successful creative design. The knowledge of basic Graphic Design is essential for a designer to create order out of mayhem and gives the designers work a touch of class and uniqueness. Meaning the piece of design work exerts the essence of the intended communication instantly, is easily understood and recognised by the audience.
The underlying pattern or structure, purpose, intent and even the quality of the creative layout all seem secondary to the actual message being sold or pitched to the target audience.

Today more than ever, we are being subjected to visual bombardment in all areas of our lives. We find ourselves inundated with consumer information some solicited but most of it not relevant to our lives. At times we all become desensitised and almost ignorant to the world of rapid visual media and mass marketing. It is the responsibility of Graphic Designers to be honest and economic in their discipline. Designers can make or break companies and businesses, though unlikely. The industry has evolved into an essential step that greatly benefits the advertiser in promoting a product or service to target audiences or aid the manipulation of people and mass culture.

Basic Design is stationed around a set of rules or guidelines that are utilised by agencies, studios, publishers, printers, web designers, television and news networks to created visual communication. Even when styles, technology, movements and trends change and expand, the designers basic rules and guides remain steadfast. Whether we are required to entertain, inform or sell basic design is playing an integral roll together with image and type to deliver Graphic Design that works. These rules or guides that have been mentioned sit under the umbrella of ‘design principles and elements’.

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