Advertising Campaign

An important structural element for Big Chief Creative when the initial steps of a digital advertising campaign are undertaken. The 7 P’s are integral in helping you review and identify key issues that effect how you might market your product or service.

These 7 P’s can help you to review and define key issues that affect how you market your products and services.

What your company offers. You must have the right product(s) for the market you are targeting.

The price your target market is willing to pay. If your price is too low, you risk being considered inferior to your competitors. It it’s too high, your target market might think the benefits are not worth the price. You also need to consider your position in the market when working out your price point.

The location(s) where your product is sold (maybe just your website, but could include storefronts, partner locations, other websites etc.).

The methods you use to get the word out about your business (e.g., social media, pay-per-click advertising, media buys, blogging).

The people who have a high demand for the products you are selling, but also the people you have hired to work in your business  (particularly those who have customer-facing roles).

Physical evidence
The way your business and product are presented. In the online world, this is all about branding.

The way your product is delivered. There may be technical parts to this element (e.g. the sales system that you use to take orders, get paid and deliver your products).


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